Yoga and Acupuncture: Same Same But Different

When I tell people I’m about to start my course to become a Licensed Acupuncturist, I am met with one of two reactions: people either go ‘Ah! That makes total sense!’ or ‘Really?! That’s so great, but that’s a different path, isn’t it?’. I was actually surprised to hear the latter responses. For me, it makes perfect sense.

I have been practising yoga for almost ten years now and have been teaching for the best part of two. I have always had a passionate interest in alternative medicine and I grew up in Hong Kong and have lived and worked in Beijing, which gave me a fantastic introduction to Chinese Medicine and its holistic way of thinking. Both acupuncture and yoga marry up so well; both originate from the East, both are based on the same principles and they complement each other very well. Also, I am a ski professional who lives in a ski resort and acupuncture is fantastic for sports injuries.

With the number of wowed responses I’ve been getting I have found myself explaining the complementary similarities between the two. And so, I thought I would right a post about it.

yoga and acupuncture

As the infographic above states, both yoga and acupuncture are used to encourage the free circulation of energy, whether it is Qi or Prana, to release and/or prevent blocked energy in channels (Meridians or Nadis) and their related organs. Both systems encompass the overall belief that the key to a healthy life lies in keeping a balanced circulation of energy throughout the body.

Both acupuncture and yoga treat the underlying cause of an issue, instead of just a symptom, and take into account a patient’s state of  mind, life experiences and energy centres, as well as the physical effects of a condition.

Where yoga encourages the free flow of energy through asanas, acupuncture goes deeper, picking up where yoga leaves off. It focuses on specific points along the body’s energy channels (Meridians). An acupuncturist uses small needles to stimulate areas with blocked energy, encouraging energy flow and circulation, and restoring the harmony of a balanced Qi.

So there you have it, acupuncture and yoga go hand in hand, but overall look to achieve the same goal.


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