Six Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Ski Yoga & Alpine Yogis

I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed is my go-to when I want to switch off, need some inspiration, a little boost, or quite frankly, I’m bored – usually the latter. I have compiled six great Instagram accounts for alpine yogis and ski yoga that feature on my feed and are great to follow if you want to fill your feed with skiing and yoga related things…

1. Ski Yoga Guy – 22.5k Followers


Ski Yoga Guy was one of the first accounts I stumbled across when I typed in ‘ski yoga’ and I was delighted to find out that Ski Yoga Guy has a friend… Ski Yoga Girl, who features in some of his posts! Ski Yoga Guy is John Fortin, the founder of SUP’dog, a ski instructor, SUP yoga instructor and studio owner. His account is full of yoga poses where he has literally stopped, dropped and yoga’d. A great account to follow that is specific to yoga for skiers and showcases a fantastic beard!

2. Pocket Dwarf – 126k Followers


A little fed up with the standard beach pictures on a really hot summer’s day whilst you look out your window to -10 degrees celsius and snow?! I introduce Pocket Dwarf… home to Melissa Lee. As she is based in beautiful Alberta in Canada, so be ready for some amazing snowy backdrops and alpine settings (with some SUP yoga and Canadian lakes thrown in for good measure).

3. Justferd – 1,758 Followers


Justferd is my kind of yogi. He swears and he has a fondness for beer and wine. No t-total yogi here! He also has some pretty amazing yoga pictures – double whammy. Definitely a refreshing highlight on my newsfeed and a gentle reminder that not all of us yogis avoid alcohol and swear words…

4. Yoga Inspiration – 147k Followers


Personally, I love a Pinterest quote and have been known to spend hours on end just perusing them, nodding my head in agreement all pensive and stuff. Therefore, it is no surprise that I love this little Instagram account popping up in  my newsfeed. It is a yoga Instagram account full of Pinterest-like quotes and yoga poses – perfect if you’re ever in need of a little boost or inspiration!

5. Dylan Werner Yoga362k Followers


Just look at him. Dylan (because we’re bezzies and on first name terms…) is somewhat famous for his one armed balances and manages to make it all look so easy. Definitely worth a follow and a little pop up now and then in your Instagram feed for some serious yoga goals.

6. Yogi Yeti 🙂 – 478 Followers


Of course, how can I forget my own Instagram account… I am all about the skiing, the yoga, the mountains, the travel and normal day-to-day life… meat, wine and chocolate. Living in the beautiful British Columbia mountains I try and keep my alpine yoga as relevant as possible, and with the winter coming up, I’m very excited for what is to come when the snow arrives! I also admit that I am not a vegan nor an angelic and calm yogi: I can be a little crazy and I need reminding to breathe, I swear and I drink…


There you have it. A little list for you if you’re unsure which Instagram accounts to flood your newsfeed with 🙂


Have I forgotten anybody? If so, please let me know in the comments. If you liked this post, please like and share with your pals online… thank you!


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