Let’s All Be Like Joy

‘Stop what you are doing and watch this film’. That is the text message I sent my mum as soon as I touched down in Vancouver. I had just watched ‘Joy’ featuring Jennifer Lawrence (big fan!) on the plane. I’m obsessed with JL. I want to be her best friend. But I’m obsessed with the film, story line and what it represents even more.

It is based on the life of Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop. It is full of strong women, well, one actually, but it represents all strong women with an entrepreneurial streak. Joy shows resilience and determination even when it seems she is drowning. She reminds me of my mum. My mum is the bomb. Seriously. I aspire to be like her and will be forever grateful if I ever come even close (still miles away, in case you hadn’t wondered… Miss New Blogger over here!).

I actually drafted this blog post on the plane after watching the film after a couple of reds. I have since read it and deleted the majority of it as it all got too deep and emotional for my little humble blog here. But the message is still the same.

I watched this film and felt instinctively empowered and felt I must tell my mum about it. I am a doer and I have many ‘keep-me-up-at-night’ ideas on a weekly basis. This film made me feel ok about that and actually made me feel REALLY good. In fact, I just downloaded it on iTunes so I have it at hand. You can too here.

I am one of those avid entrepreneurial book lovers, especially if it is written by a powerful woman. One of my favourites last year was ‘My Fight To The Top’ by Michelle Mone. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I strongly urge you to go and watch Joy if you haven’t yet. It is now my go-to film if I need a bit of motivation or a pick-me-up. You know how if you need a bit of gym motivation you go to the good old classic and fail-safe Rocky I, II and III? Guilty. Well, now ‘Joy’ is my go-to pick me up when I’m feeling like a total failure.


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