Idea Machine: Day Three. Moments For Gratitude.

So far, this was the easiest of the challenges (mind you, it is only day three…), most likely because it has become quite apparent that I waste a lot of time.

Today’s list of ten ideas was to list ten moments in a standard day-in-the-life-of-me during which I can sit, close my eyes, and think of things I am grateful for. My aim is to look as peaceful as the girl in the photo (in case you were wondering, that is not me… I couldn’t look that peaceful if I tried).

The ten moments I came up with are as follows:

  • Right this moment, when writing these ten ideas a day.
  • When watching TV. If I’m watching it with J I could peel away for three minutes, or if I’m on my own, just switch it off altogether.
  • If I’m driving down to town (we live in the mountains and the nearest town is an hour’s drive away). Admittedly, closing my eyes and meditating here would not be advisable but I could ‘exercise the gratitude muscle’ and think of everything I am grateful for.
  • Get up ten minutes earlier and do it then.
  • Go to bed ten minutes earlier and do it then instead (or both – may as well go all out!)
  • Whenever I am playing on my phone or browsing Facebook etc. With this in mind, I have actually banned myself from downloading any games onto my phone (I play on J’s instead…!) and deleted the Facebook app, which had the desired effect for about a fortnight and now I just browse using Safari.

*At this point I caught myself on Instagram – guilty! I have a very short attention span.*

  • Whilst I’m walking to the gym or CrossFit (again, I have made a mental note to keep my eyes open!).
  • Whilst having my tea in the morning, instead of trying to multi-task and do everything at the same time.
  • Whilst practising yoga (being a hardcore yogi and all… *ahem*) I could stay in Savasana for a wee while longer instead of rushing up, both in class and with my home practice. I am guilty for not spending enough time in the pose, again, because my mind runs at about a million times an hour and I am constantly needing to be somewhere. Alternatively, if time is an issue, I could just finish my sequence a little earlier and make more time for Savasana.
  • I could make time for a bath and do it then. Or even when standing in the shower.

So try it. You’d be surprised at how much time we waste without realizing it and how little time we actually take to sit down, close our eyes and do nothing.

Get the book here: Become An Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century by Claudia Azula Altucher


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