Idea Machine, Day 4 – Ten Coursera Courses

I appreciate that it has been a few eventful and busy days since my last post but I have been doing the challenge… honest! I now have a little notebook especially for it. It is very pretty. I am very proud of it.

Day Four’s ten ideas for Become An Idea Machine challenge challenge are Coursera courses that you would like to take and their curriculum. Now, I love an online/distance-learning course. I first completed one with Google and since then I have a few on the go. There are loads! You can literally learn anything, be it how to code (I learned online and highly recommend it), how to trade on the stock market(!) and how to tie your shoelaces.

Considering how much I love an online course (seriously, I would become a rocket scientist online if I could) I really struggled with this one. Mind you, once I got into it I managed to come up with twelve… go me.

I came up with a variety, although I admit that some are more ridiculous than others. I won’t list all ten but the few I list below give you a bit of insight:

  • Become a qualified (naturopathic or traditional) doctor. I genuinely looked into this the other year. Don’t worry, I’m judging myself. Although the more I thought about it the more it doesn’t have to be so ridiculous. Mind you, it would not be entirely online. I, for one, would rather stitch up my own gaping hole using YouTube than have someone do it who has basically done the same thing for the entirety of his or her degree. BUT the lightbulb moment came to me whilst I was writing the syllabus… why can’t all the reading and lectures be done online and for the practical and clinical modules, you find a local, accredited (they will have this special accreditation system) hospital where you can complete your clinical studies and exams in person and you are assessed exactly how you would be in a normal, full-time degree program. All lectures and seminars are done online and through Google Hangouts. See, not so silly now… right?
  • Become an accredited acupuncturist. Again, something I would genuinely like to do. The syllabus in my head works much and such the same as the medical degree above.
  • Complete your legal articles online. I do not want to have to move to Vancouver (my life is in the mountains) to do my legal articles, why can’t I do them online? 21st century and all.
  • Become a spy. My favourite. This is a childhood dream of mine. Whilst every other little girl was playing with Barbie, I was up a tree with my spy kit like a total weirdo. Why nobody called the cops on the seven year old creeper spying on her neighbours is beyond me.
  • Become a ninja. My other favourite. This was inspired by one of the classes offered at Wanderlust Whistler 2016. I’m going by the way, and I am very excited. You could argue that this complements ‘Become a spy’. Maybe Coursera could offer a double discount for them both or something.
  • How to ‘Adult’. Arguably my most needed. Still not mastered this one and could do with some help.

I then got onto other ones such as becoming a sommelier (I love wine), how to find your ‘calling’ or your ‘passion’ (you get my drift…) and a few others that actually gave me a couple of app ideas.

As you can see, mine were not as sensible, or necessarily as feasible, as Claudia‘s very well thought-out example of a well done yoga course, but I like them.

What would you come up with? Answers on a postcard.


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